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Is there a time we can talk on the phone?

Yes, we offer free consultation in person or over the phone to discuss all the details for your special events. You can even opt for a tasting session for small additional fee.

Do you have hourly minimums?

We don’t have hourly minimums.

Do you need a deposit?

Yes, typically our retainer deposits are around 30% of your overall quote. This deposit is Non Refundable and will hold your date for your event. Details for event may be adjusted even after deposit has been made including date, time, supplies needed (pending availability).

Can I make changes after I have put down deposit?

We understand events can be complicated to plan and often there are many factors to consider. Yes you are able to make changes even after a deposit has been made if there are any changes that affect your overall price adjustments will be made to your remaining balance.

Do you sell the alcohol?

No, unfortunately under no circumstance are we able to provide or sell the alcohol. We do assist with providing a recommended shopping list based on your selected bar menu

Do you have an ABC Liquor license?

At this time, we do not have an ABC liquor license, nor do we need one as we do not sell/ provide/ or transport alcohol at any time. Typically for venues all that may be required is insurance and RBS permits for all staff which we do possess.

Can you purchase the alcohol for me?

No. We are not able to purchase, sell, or transport any alcohol for our events. Alcohol and mixers must be provided to Bartenders on site day of the event.

Can we have any type of cocktails?

Absolutely, the sky is the limit in terms of you bar menu. We do provide a list of common cocktails served on a large scale at events for you to choose from but you are also welcome to make special requests as well. We can even help you design a unique signature cocktail just for your event!

Is there a limit on how many cocktails the bartender can make?

NO, there is no limit however it is good to keep in mind not to overwhelm your guests with choices and remember, the more options you have, the more supplies you will need to purchase.

How do I know how much alcohol I need to purchase?

Once you are booked with Elevate SJ we will assist you in creating your bar menu. For there we will provide you with a recommended shopping list including recommendation on quantities and stores where you can find supplies.

Does the bartender bring the equipment?

Yes, Elevate SJ bartenders will bring their own equipment needed to mix up great tasting cocktails for you and your guests.

Does the bartender bring the bar?

If requested, we are able to provide the physical bar station. Inquire to see styles available. Please note bar stations are first come first served and are subject to availability

Can you meet insurance requirements for my venue?

We are fully covered with general Liability and liquor liability insurance. We do have the ability to add your venue as a co-insured if requested.

Do I pay additional fee for insurance certificate?

The only incident where the client would have to pay for any insurance expense would be if the venue has any additional requirements where in which we would have to add any endorsements to the existing policy at additional cost.

How far in advance do I need to book your services?

The sooner you can secure your date, the better. We are booking very quickly especially during the spring, summer, and fall for weddings. Last minute bookings may be subject to additional charges.

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