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In our lives, we have attended multiple events and were always on the party’s side of the bar. Seeing how we always found ourselves ordering 2 Gin and Cokes every half hour… 😉 This gave us the realization that bartenders are the party! And we love being a big part of the reason people are having a great time.

We started off with making drinks at family parties just for fun. We enjoyed the excitement and happiness that we were able to provide for each person at our gatherings. What got us serious about making this a living was people asking us to serve at their own parties. We’ll never forget the compliment that started this all, “Wow! You guys made this party go way up!” Then the name came to us, ELEVATE.

We love having fun; with that we wanted to find our passion on how we can make people happy at events. At Elevate SJ, we are dedicated to, like our name suggests, elevating your moments and providing you with exceptional and professional bartending service. We hope to leave a great impression during your experience. Lastly, we thank you for having trust in us and we look forward to lifelong memories/friendships

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